All Food
Located at Outside Tent

Tender chunks of meat (beef or chicken) marinated with herbs and spices and grilled to perfection. Served with lettuce, tomato, onions, topped with feta cheese and pita.
A great vegetarian appetizer made from tender vine leaves wrapped into little rolls and stuffed with rice and fresh herbs.
Souvlaki On A Stick
Char-broiled marinated pork in olive oil, lemon, herbs and spices and served with bread. A festival favorite!
A combination of beef and lamb sliced. Served with onion, tomato and tzatziki sauce. Wrapped in a pita. 
Pasta layered with spiced ground beef and topped with a bechamel sauce.
Baked layers of young eggplant and spiced ground beef, topped with a bechamel sauce.
Layers of buttered, flaky phyllo dough filled with a tasty mixture of chopped spinach and feta cheese.
Layers of buttered phyllo dough filled with a special blend of cheeses.
Your eyes will be WOWed and your stomach will be too by Greece’s famous flaming cheese. OPA!
Lamb Chops
Marinated in herbs and charbroiled to perfection! Served with Greek salad and pita bread.
(Wine Room)

Located Lower Level
Today’s finest imported wines of Greece

Greek Marketplace
(Greek Specialty Foods)

Located Lower Level
Cheese, olives, olive oil, and a wide selection of Greek food items.


Located Upper Level

The aristrocat of Greek pastry. Layers upon layers of buttered phyllo dough, and ground walnuts, baked to crispy perfection and soaked with honey and lemon syrup.
Greek Custard Pastry
Layered “shredded wheat” phyllo dough, sprinkled with walnuts, baked and laced with honey syrup then topped with a thick layer of vanilla custard and whipped topping.
Greek butter twists, sprinkled with sesame seeds. Ideal for dunking in coffee.
Greek wedding cakes- tender sweet butter cookies dusted with confectioner’s sugar.
Mouth watering, feather light Greek fried dough puffs dipped in honey and topped with cinnamon.
Drizzled with honey syrup and topped with chopped walnuts! Thiples get their name from the Greek word for “fold” and are a traditional festive dessert.
Almond Crescents
Rich pastry dough, filled with almond paste, topped with slivered almonds.
Homemade rice pudding.
An amazing dessert made with roughly chopped walnuts scented with ground clove and cinnamon, wrapped into buttered cripsy kataifi dough and bathed in lemon scented syrup.
Floyera is the Greek word for flute. Floyeres is the plural. These pastries are rolled and look like small flutes. Light and delicious!
Floyera is the Greek word for flute. Floyeres is the plural. These pastries are rolled and look like small flutes. Light and delicious!
The Kafeneion
(Coffee Shop)

Located Upper Level

Sit and relax in the tempered ambience of our unique sidewalk/greek-cafe indoors. Enjoy one of our scrumptious desserts: a baklava ice cream sundae, rice pudding, or Greek custard dessert (Kataifi ekmek) while sipping on hot or cold Greek or American Coffee, Frappes and Tea and listening to live Greek Music.